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1 MWp photovoltaic plant

Turnkey installation of a 1 MWp photovoltaic solar power plant

Photovoltaic solar energy plant on the roof of the production and storage warehouses of a meat processing plant. The installed power is 1,026 kWp (1.03 MWp), with a panel surface of 5,700 m2 and a projected yearly output of 2,871,600 kWh for self-consumption.. This action represents a reduction of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere of 1,128 metric tons per year. Commissioning was done in October 2019.

SOLVENTA6 has carried out theturnkey, installation, which includes a feasibility study, design and calculation engineering, assembly, commissioning, legalization, maintenance and continuous monitoring of the installation.

We apply all our experience and technical capacity in the service of the project.


Date : 2019

Surface area : 5.700 m2

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